The limited choice of really useful assessories for the application and use of screen chemicals has motivated SPT to look for a good choice of such useful accessories and equipment. We are proud to present our selected products on this sheet.

FOTECO Speed Tape

40 mm wide and 100 meter long, semi-transparent screen tape, allowing a trough – exposure of the stencil. The FOTECO Speed Tape with its 25 micron thickness is used to repair screens and to protect the stencil side of the screen.


28 cm long brush with wooden handle and metal clamp and stiff, rounded nylon bristles. It can be used for all screen chemicals, including decoating chemicals and haze removers.


An aluminum coating trough for manual coating with two different coating lips. Available in any desired length starting from 15 cm up to 3 m max. Two end caps are supplied as standard when ordering cut-to-sizes.


Stainless steel coating trough. For emulsion coating and application of decoating- and haze remover gels. Thickness 1 mm, available lengths: 200 mm, 330 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm and 1.000 mm.


This development gun provides best possible stencil development and thus a perfect stencil and printing shoulder. The highly efficient three nozzle system helps to save fresh water.


Spray bottle for water-based media (W) or solvent-based media (S). This spray bottle can be used upside down and has a solvent resitant spray nozzle.

VARIOPAD XL Cleaning-Pad

Scouring-pad for gentle and economical use of chemicals for screen cleaning, degreasing, stencil removal and all-in-one cleaning solutions.

VARIOPAD XL Anti-Ghost-Pad

Special abrader-pad made of fine-pored melamine resin foam with a slightly abrasive effect for removing stubborn ghost images in screen printing. Application with VARIOPAD holder XL.


Filter bag for the flocculation of water-based media.

Sedimentation drum

Special sedimentation plastic drum with two exit faucets for efficient sedimentation and decantation of non-water-based ink systems.


This is a special additive accellarating the sedimentation of ink contaminated screen cleaners. Suitable for solvent-based and UV curing inks as well as Plastisol inks and ceramic ink systems.


Powder additive to flocculate / coagulate contaminated ink and cleaner residues of water-based screen printing media and water-containg screen cleaners.

WASHING BRUSH with short handle, soft, green

Ergonomically designed short handled churn brush with split bristles. The bristles of this brush enable it to be used for washing very sensitive areas. The bristles are designed to retain water and chemicals when it is dipped into a bucket of chemical solution and washing. Bristle length 53 mm.

SAATI Step 21 scale

This all purpose precision exposure guide can be used on all stencil types to determine and standardize proper exposure accurately and quickly.

SAATI Exposure and Resolution test film

Test film, with various dot shapes and various dot sizes (L/cm). For printing of test stencils. Irreplaceable tool for internal standardization.

Aluminum Squeegee Holder

Black anodized aluminum profiles. Available size: 3.050 mm Delivered with set of 100 screws and one set of end caps. Also available as finished handles with different length from 100 mm up to 1.000 mm.