Capillary films are literally screen emulsions on a polyester carrier. They are transferred onto the screen to produce a stencil surface by using the physical phenomenon of water capillaries. The advantages are obvious: a very smooth surface and uniform stencil thickness and high speed in the workflow of the printing operation. Continuously equal stencils provide standardised printing processes.

FOTECAP RUBY 4515, 4520, 4525, 4540

Capillary film on dual-cure coating technology. The film has excellent solvent resistance combined with high surface flexibility. The application range covers the whole graphic and industrial screen-printing field. High edge definition, very high resolution and wide exposure range are the leading features of this capillary film. With postexposure the capillary film is water resistant. FOTECAP RUBY is available in different dry film thicknesses, as well as in rolls and in customs-cut sheet material. The colour of FOTECAP RUBY is red.

FOTECAP ZIRCON N 4615 N, 4620 N, 4625 N, 4630 N, 4640 N, 4650 N

Pre-sensititated capillary film with excellent flexibility and high abrasion resistance. The fact that the film is suitable for water-soluble and solventbased printing media is one of the unique features of this photopolymer capillary film. Different thickness for dry film are available, as well as roll- and sheets articles. Unbeatable edge definition, very high resolution and wide exposure range for all coloured synthetic screen fabrics or steel-mesh are characteristical for the FOTECAP ZIRCON N. Due to its coating with a pure photopolymer emulsion the material can be stored for quite a long time, even under difficult climate conditions. FOTECAP ZIRCON N is highly suitable for finest 4-colour process jobs as well as fine-line printing works with solvent-based- or UV-inks. Ink deposit depends on dry film thickness of the capillary film. Detailed information is available from our technical data sheet.

FOTECAP TECNO 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 700

Special thick films are nowadays a standard in the screen printing industry. Using our capillary thick films FOTECAP TECNO increases the options for screen printers in their applications. TECNO is a solvent- and water-resistant film. The film has to be transferred following the Indirect/Direct method with our FOTECOAT screen emulsions 1833 SOLO (water-resistant) or 1850 SOLO (solvent resistant). The product is available in thicknesses from 100 to 700 microns. Fields of application: peelable solder masks, SMD / SMT, printing of gaskets, anti-slip apparel, Braille letters, application of ceramic powder on tiles, 3D-printing on textiles, glass and ceramics.


Both photopolymer emulsions can be used for to create 3-D (thick-film) stencils by cast application or as transfer emulsions for FOTECAP TECNO films. FOTECOAT 1833 SOLO is water-resistant, FOTECOAT 1850 SOLO is solvent resistant. We recommend using colored mesh.