The SERITEC® range of squeegees was developed based on extensive experience by TECNO S.r.L., the leading Italian producer of squeegee blades. The SERITEC® range offers a wide selection of squeegee blades made of Polyurethane material, suitable for all applications in the screen printing industry. The versions distributed by SPT – Standard, HR, UV, Antistatic and TS – show outstanding abrasion- and solvent resistance and are suitable for all ink types used in screen printing. The quality of all SERITEC® squeegees was successfully approved by screen printers in different printing segments. The excellent customer feedback for all SERITEC® products confirm the already positive results we obtained in lab testing.

Dimensions and Hardness

SERITEC® Squeegees are available in the following dimensions:
Hardness (SH): from 50 Shore A to 95 Shore A
Length: 3660 mm or 3050 mm
Width: from 20 mm up to 100 mm
Thickness: from 4 mm up to 10 mm
Special Squeegees with square profiles: 9 x 9 mm, 9.5 x 9.5 mm and 10 x 10 mm

Colours and Hardness

SERITEC® Squeegees are usually produced in the international standard colours, defining the degree of hardness optically. Special colours are available on request.


Dual- and Triple-Layer Squeegees

SERITEC® dual- and triple-layer squeegees have a rigid inner core and a soft print edge. These squeegee types ensure constant squeegee pressure and provide a high print quality, even if the squeegee is very soft. Triple-layer squeegees produce excellent print results, especially in automatic printing. The rigid inner core of 90 SH stabilizes the squeegee stroke, even in the 65/90/65 SH hardness combination.

Available Hardnesses



Our squeegees are available in the following standard profiles:


Range of Products Besides the standard range we can also produce special products:


Provides good resistance when using water-based and solvent-based screen printing inks


Provides good abrasion resistance when printing on glass, on CDs and printing of credit cards


Provides good resistance when printing with UV-based screen printing inks


Best suited for highest printing precision, even when used at very fast printing speeds


Our squeegee material for highest quality requirements, when used in automatic screen printing equipment


PL stands for Plus - our newest squeegee. It combines the properties of TS, UV and Antistatic squeegee.