Stencils can be hardened after exposure and development to increase the stencil resistance. Our chemical hardeners provide permanent, but no longer reclaimable/decoatable stencils. These become fully water-resistant. Depending on the type of screen emulsion and hardener used, this post-hardening effect is either stronger or weaker. Water-resistant screen emulsions as used in the textile industry become even more resistant, while solvent resistant screen emulsions are achieving some water-resistance. Dual cure polymer emulsions might show some brittleness, if non-aqueous print media are used.


Suitable for chemical hardening/catalyzing of ready-to-print stencils. The use of undiluted FOTECHEM 2110 for hardening of water resistant emulsions results in permanent, no longer reclaimable screens. If reclaimable stencils are desired, dilution of FOTECHEM 2110 with one part of water is recommended. Solvent resistant stencils becomes water resistant.


Ready-to-use, water-based screen hardener. To be applied on both sides of the dry stencil surface by using a sponge; let it dry – and start printing with a very product resistant stencil. Easy and efficient! Transparent in colour.


Special stencil hardener for triple cure emulsions, such as FOTECOAT 1025 or FOTECOAT 1099. In combination with these stencil products new and permanent (solvent and water-resistant stencils) are achieved.