The Kasi product range was developed by our Slovakian supplier KASI a.s. and also produced. We offer you equipment and accessories for stencil preparation, stencil development, wash-out- and drying facilities as well as for cleaning and decoating. The quality of these Slovakian KASI products is very popular and proven with our customers over years.

KASI UB Wash out booth
KASI UB 65, KASI UB 90, KASI UB 125, KASI UB 165

High densitiy polypropylene wash out basin. For economical and working safe circulation use of low smell and VARIOWASH and VARIOCLEAN S screen cleaner and VARIO-CLEAN A All-in-one chemistry with flash point above 55°C. Available sizes for max. frame dimensions: 620 x 500 mm – 900 x 700 mm – 1.200 x 1.000 mm – 1.500 x 1.150 mm. Working- and environmental safe screen cleaning by brush or cleaning pad with lowest chemical consumption after screen surface wipe-off with squeegee blade.

Wash out booth with tank, pump, chemical-resistant hose and cleaning brush head for safe and efficient use of the low odor and biodegradable VARIOWASH and VARIOCLEAN S cleaner with a flashpoint of > 55°C , as well as for use of of VARIOCLEAN A All-in-One chemistry. Washing chamber max. size: 1.000 x 1.200 mm. Made of high density polypropylene. Wall thickness 10 mm. Tank drum with 50 L or 100 L content, conic bottom and exit faucet to decant muddy (sediment) ink solid and emulsion residues.

Booth holding frame made of stainless steel. PPH floor pan, size 1.700 x 1.300 x 30 mm with stainless steel grid, size 1.290 x 400 mm. Pump: 230 V/50 Hz/1,9 A/180 W – non explosion-proof. – CE conformity.

Dip Tank for stencil decoating and pre-development of exposed stencils

Tank and lid made of chemical and impact resistant PPH. Stainless steel made stabilisation frame. Optional with air injection for air bubble formation and mechanical stepping up of the development or decoating process. Standard external dimension: Width 725 mm, Depth 400 mm, Height 665 mm Max. content: approx. 150 liters. Further sizes on request.

Sedimentation Drum

Available sizes: 200 L, 100 L, 50 L. Recycling of ink contaminated VARIOWASH and VARIOCLEAN S screen cleaner with addition of 1 – 2% of VARIOPLUS 4095 Sedimentation Additive. After overnight or weekend sedimentation, the purified solvent phase can be drained through the first faucet of the sedimentation drum and re-used after blending 1:1 with fresh VARIOWASH or VARIOCLEAN S cleaner.

After this, the pigment sludge (approx. 20% by volume) can be drained through the second faucet at the bottom of the sedimentation drum.