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  • Textil Screen Printing - column in Printwear & promotion - April 2018
  • Textil Screen Printing - column in Printwear & promotion - July 2018

  • ESMA position statement on sodium metaperiodate reclassification as a STOT material and PG I for transport
    Please notice the following information:
  • ESMA position statement

    YOUTUBE Links

    YOUTUBE Links
    We’ve created videos for FOTECO and REMCO screen cleaning for you on youtube. You’ll find them under on our homepage under the chapter Useful data
  • Remco/Foteco on youtube

    Information Acceptance of goods

    Please notice the following information regarding secure acceptance of goods:
  • Acceptance of goods subject to verification

    Information storage life

    We will give you current information to storage life for FOTECO
    We were informed by our distributor, that the storage life for FOTECAP DUAL-CURE emulsions is clearly longer, as it was mentioned in the past by Foteco. The tests for stability were made over longer periods and are now confirmed. For all FOTECOAT DUAL-CURE emulsions is now valid a storage life of 18 months instead of 12 months. After changing the DIAZO the emulsions is usable even over this period. If you are having a product which is older than 18 months in store, please ask us for new DIAZO-portions. Updated technical data sheets are already available. Please make your request. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.  


    Please pay attention that we have to charge for the freight cost separately when ordering for overseas goods with the dangerous goods class 8 + 5.1. (e.g. 0002-5273, 0002-5256, 0002-5269, 0002-5290, 0002-5211, 0002-5239, 0002-5241, 0002-5078, 0006-2044…).